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Prof. Park, Jae Woo
(11-3-1942 to 25-03-2010)

        Sujok is nature's gift to humanity. Similarity (Homo) is the basic principle of this science. Our entire body in miniature is represented in our hands & Feet. Like we use remote control to operate television we use our hands & feet to influence our whole body and cure disease. In view of the exact similarity of the hands and feet any place and problem in the body can be influenced using the Sujok correspondence treatment.

The Meridian system present in the body is also reflected in the hands and feet, with which we do the metaphysical energy manipulation therapies using Six Ki, Six Emotions & Six Reasons theories.

SixKi, the unique concept originated by Prof. Park, whose nature if understood properly can explain the cause of disease and ways to cure it. Life is existing in earth only because of the existence of harmonized SixKi. Since other planets don't have harmonized SixKi life don't exist there. Using SixKi theory any disease can be diagnosed and treated in the simplest way even by a novice.

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